If you would like to commission me to produce an illustration for a wedding gift, birthday or simply a print for your wall please contact me for more details. All prints, framed or unframed, are hand signed and dated. Prices are listed below.

Italian Wedding
Melanie Bayliss
Paris Engagement
Family of Justice
70th Birthday

"Chris has a wonderfully distinctive and charming style that makes his illustrations the perfect present for friends and family. His attention to detail and friendly, approachable manner set him apart from other illustrators and I’m looking forward to working with him many more projects in the future!”                                                                                                

Christine Cox, Workspace 1

Price List 

Prices are a guideline. Please contact me for a more accurate quote.



Single Person/ Pet


A4 Unframed Print   £30

A4 Framed Print       £40


40 x 30 Unframed Print    £40

40 x 30 Framed Print        £50 


Two People/ Pets


A4 Unframed Print  £40

A4 Framed Print  £50


40 x 30 Unframed Print   £50

40 x 30 Framed Print   £60


Family Of Four


A4 Unframed Print £75

A4 Framed Print  £85


40 x 30 Unframed Print   £85

40 x 30  Framed Print   £95

Five+ People Or More Detailed


40 x 30 Unframed Print   (Subject To Quotation)

  40 x 30  Framed Print      (Subject To Quotation)