• Chris Embleton-Hall

Lovely Review

I had a lovely message through my website this morning:

“Dear Chris, Hi, I LOVE your beautiful and colorful Artwork and Illustrations!!! I just bought the book "My Toddler Bible" with Noah's Ark & animals & a blue sky on the cover as a present for my 5-year old daughter, because I want to teach her about Jesus and God. I went to A Christian bookstore, and I looked at many children's bibles. I chose yours because of the beautiful illustrations and pictures, and also the simplicity and well-written short stories from the Bible! You are such am AMAZING ARTIST!!! I saw on Amazon that you have also illustrated other books and Bible books, but do you do any other art? I LOVE all forms of the Creative and Cultural Arts, Dance, Music, Theater, and Fashion!!! Thank you for doing what God chose you to do, and thank you for reading my email! God Bless You, Chris!!! Sincerely, Charlene in Florida USA”

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